Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, the 2009/10 Premier League season is here; players appearing in court and crashing their cars while under the influence just isn't quite like the real thing; it's great to see our overpaid heroes back where they belong, on the pitch (With the exception of Joey Barton, who belongs behind bars). Performance of the weekend must go to Arsenal who took full advantage of Joleon Lescott's transfer to Manchester City which left a huge gap in the Everton defence. Some of the defending on set pieces would have given commentators wet pants had it been Everton's neighbours Liverpool and their Zonal marking, but it wasn't so credit went to Arsenal. Final score Everton 1 Arsenal 6. NEWS JUST IN, Lescott hasn't actually gone yet; he played the entire 90 minutes.

The red three quarters of the city of Liverpool didn't fare too much better though, as Pepe Reina forgot to wake up the rest of the squad for the kick off and had to fend off Spurs for 45 minutes. The team arrived at White Hart Lane to start the second half but were already one goal down thanks to a screamer from Assou-Ekotto. Final score Spurs 2 Liverpool 1.

The league table means nothing at this stage of the season, however everyone will be wondering how the Showdown of the sicknotes plays out. We'll be keeping an eye out for Owen and Saha, and informing you anytime one of them, "Gets up rather gingerly". No jokes about Paul Scholes please. A substitute appearance was made by both players without injury, well done boys!

Oh dear, the new Man Utd Nike kits are horrible; it's bad enough that they're sponsored by AIG but this monstrosity looks like it's been put together by a 6 year old in some third world country, but I'm sure Nike would never let that happen.

This weekend saw some beauties: Noble, Denilson, and Assou-Ekotto, but this week's fuzzy fruit award goes to Wigan's Columbian striker Hugo Rodallega for his cracker against the Villa.

All together now, "WHAT A PEACH!"

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