Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well, well, well the FA didn't see this one coming. As usual the fixture computer "randomly" picked out some pretty tough opening ties for Man Utd, newly promoted cloggers Birmingham City, then red hot relegation favourites Burnley. Things started great with the Mancs destroying the plucky Brummies, racking up an impressive 1-0 scoreline. But the FA's plan to keep Fergie's whiskey breath away from their nostrils backfired; Burnley managed a 1-0 victory themselves turning Ferguson's face the same colour his nose usually is.

Early contender for Peach of the week goes to match winner Robbie Blake and this corker. Prompting Burnley fans to chant "You're not Robbie Blake" to Rooney whenever he shanked a shot. (Thanks for that Father Creswell)

On the stroke of half time the Burnley defence tried their hardest to undo the team's good work and gave away Man Utd's first penalty of the season.
It gave Michael Carrick a chance to equalise with his first touch of the game. He failed, but not to worry, later on in the 90th minute the influential 18 million pound midfielder managed a second touch.

Final score Burnley 1 Manchester United 0, which means the "Premier League Alternative Championship" is on!
Yes the championship, which owes its foundation to The Unoffical Football World Championships is up and running. As Manchester United were last years Premier League winners they started the season as the best team in the league; following the rules of the "Premier League Alternative Championship" or PLAC, Burnley are now the new league leaders as their 1-0 victory knocked the Mancs off their perch. The Clarets try to retain their status on Sunday at home against Everton.

The current PLAC leaders celebrate.

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