Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Chelsea gave up their lead at the top of the table this weekend with a bit of a shock result at Wigan's imaginatively named D.W. stadium. Whenever Titus Bramble scores at the right end, eye brows are always raised, so he must get credit when it's due; unmarked in the box, he met a pinpoint cross sweetly with his head and buried that ball in the corner of the net. Must have been that man to man marking Chelsea use on corners.

To add to Chelsea's woes, keeper and part time crash test dummy, Czech Petr Cech, was shown a red card for giving away a second half penalty. Then lovable Ashley Cole went off injured leaving the Blues down to nine men after using all their substitutes, snigger. The big news of course is that Wigan claim the lead in OPTLF's alternative league championship. They'll look forward to retaining it next week against the dreadful Hull.
Wigan 3 Chelsea 1

As a kid in the 70's, the highlight of the week, apart from "The incredible Hulk, was staying up late on a Saturday night to catch the "pick of the action" of the weekend's matches on BBC's "Match of the day." In 2009, we are spoiled with hours and hours of live football from Seville to Scunthorpe. So what's the downside? More games means more commentators and more commentators means more bad commentators and more bad commentators leads to an epidemic of verbal diarrhea. Drivel we are all to used to hearing is, "Zonal marking", "Backlift", "Drawing fouls", "Rooney has matured", "Torres is tired" . Well at least we've stopped hearing that last one. The Liverpool number 9, scored a hat-trick in 46 minutes on Saturday in the 6-1 spanking of relegation candidates Hull City.

Not to be outdone Tottenham's captain Robbie Keane banged four past newly promoted Burnley. One thing the Clarets can be thankful of is that Keane has shelved his incredibly annoying "cartwheel" goal celebration for a more, "Look at me, I'm the man" type; you still want to give him a slap, but not quite as hard.

If the woeful Portsmouth had managed to gain themselves their first point of the season at home to Everton this weekend, it still wouldn't have been as shocking as the shirt the visitors were wearing. Just who signs off on this stuff? Can you imagine the meeting between the Everton reps and the kits designers? "So we're thinking of something nice and traditional nothing flashy or ridiculous" Kit designers:"Ok we've come up with this black kit with bright pink stripes all over it." Rep: "Perfect! fancy a quick pint?"
As for the match, Portsmouth are still pointless(literally), and Saha can't stop scoring, especially in that pink kit.

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