Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There was so much going on at Old Trafford on Sunday that the entire OPTLF is dedicated to the Manc derby this week. Described as the best one ever, by Alex Ferguson, well he would say that, his team won; Mark Hughes understandably had other thoughts, most of them contained the words crap defending, and cheating gits. Craig Bellamy had a quite outstanding game scoring twice, the first of which wins Peach of the week, a right footed belter that keeper,Coco the clown couldn't get anywhere near.

Not to be outdone, Darren Fletcher took time away from hacking the opposition's legs to bits and also notched two goals. No that's not a typo, Darren Fletcher also notched two goals!

This prompted commentators all over the planet to hail the arrival of Darren Fletcher on the world stage. Well that happened some time ago on a mountain top in Wyoming.

90 + 4 = 96?
The main talking point wasn't the incredible stupidity of "England's greatest ever defender" Rio Ferdinand trying to chip the ball over a Manchester City forward on the halfway line with the score at 3-2 in the 90th minute. Nor was it how England's latest comedy goalkeeper (No not Almunia) is trying to join Bartez, Bosnich, Taibi, Carroll, Leighton, van der Gouw, Ricardo, Howard and Andy Goram in list of awful keepers Ferguson has brought to the club.
It was of course the unusual amount of time added on to the amount of time added on, and the subsequent winning goal scored by the home team.
City manager Mark Hughes was furious, but it's hard to have sympathy for a man who spent many a year as a player at Old Trafford benefiting from referees waiting for his team to score until they blew their whistle.

Big games just don't count for anything anymore without a little bit of afters, and this match didn't let anyone down. Everyone's favourite Manc Gary Neville did the opposite to Adebeyor last week and decided to celebrate with the City fans,

while the equally lovable Craig Bellamy went one further by punching a pitch invader who was already being restrained by at least 4 policemen. Look out for some big fines given out by the F.A. early rumours are that Neville will be banned until he can grow a proper moustache. He could be out for some time.

And finally, the winning goal scored by ex Real Madrid and Newcastle striker Michael Owen, was going to be drawn by OPTLF, but the editor noticed that time was already up.

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