Wednesday, November 11, 2009

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO......................

The big "SUPER SUNDAY" match of the weekend was at Stamford Bridge where the league leaders took on Manchester United, the team sponsored by the company bailed out by the U.S. government and tax payers: AIG. Chelsea scrapped to a 1-0 victory thanks to the son of a coke dealer(allegedly), and a shop lifter(not so allegedly); he's the captain of England! Obviously a Man Utd loss wouldn't be the same without Fergie, taking the time to stop chewing his gum, complaining about the ref. How dare he blow for full time before Ferguson's team had equalised. Maybe the Man Utd manager was complaining about his defender Johnny Evans staying on the pitch instead of being sent off for trying to embed his studs into Drogba's chest.

Finally Drogba had a reason for falling to the floor like a sack of spuds, and didn't he enjoy it? Wriggling his legs around not unlike my dad at 11pm at night trying to watch the tele. You had to laugh; of course all his team mates were so concerned about him that they stayed 20 yards away and took a water break. And what did Drogba get in return? A yellow card! No wonder Fergie was upset.

Drogba must have been upset himself on Monday night though, as he was upstaged by David N'gog of Liverpool. The Reds' striker "earned" a valuable penalty which was calmly dispatched by skipper, Steven Gerrard, before N'gog had touched the ground. Cue outrage in the papers and TV about divers and cheats as if it's a new concept. And now we look forward to refs dishing out yellows for diving in every game for the next 2-3 weeks as the Premier league "Cracks down" on the cheats, then begins ignoring them again next month.

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